Prices: Frame repairs (steel frames only)

Prices are for non-stainless fittings; stainless fittings are extra.

Braze-ons etc

Allen key seat lug fitting (with stainless bolt) £30.00
Bottle cage bosses (with stainless allen bolts) £24.00 per pair
Bottom bridge / mudguard bridge £30.00
Brake bridge (reinforced) £35.00
Braze on pump peg, m/guard eyes, chain peg etc, £10.00 each
Brake/gear cable guides £12.00
Lever bosses £15.00 each
Rear derailleur hanger brazed on £28.00
Cantilever brake pivots – per brake £35.00
Centre pull bridge on seat stay – including adjuster £25.00
Concealed cable in top tube £50.00
Rear disc mount, brazed on Steel £50.00, aluminium £70.00, titanium £90.00
Drill frame and forks for allen key brakes £25.00
Dynamo bracket (please supply dynamo bottle to ensure fit) £30.00
Front derailleur boss on seat tube (front derailleur and chain ring sizes must be supplied) £25.00
Rack eyes, rear, (4 point fixing), including stainless allen bolts £32.00
Rack eyes, front, lowrider or custom lowrider (4 point fixing) inc stainless allen bolts £32.00
Plastic cable tunnels under bottom bracket £15.00

Frame repairs / alterations

Fill metal head badge holes £10.00
Dents filled in where possible with brass (small) – each £15.00
Drill out seized in rear end adjuster – each, re-tapped if possible £10.00
New pair of forks – from £145.00
Re-track frame and forks £40.00. Re-track frame only £25.00
Re-track and straighten forks – if possible £25.00
Remove braze-ons and clean up tube – each item £5.00
Remove seized seat pillar, handlebar stem or bottom bracket from £20.00
New fork steerer £60.00
New bottom bracket shell and bridge from £120.00
New top tube from £100.00
New down tube from £100.00
New seat tube from £150.00
New head tube and lugs from £85.00
Fit single seat stay from £90.00
Fit single chain stay from £90.00
One pair of seat stays (including bridge) from £150.00
One pair of chain stays (including bridge) from £150.00
Rear triangle complete with dropouts and bridges from £250.00
New pair rear dropouts from £95.00 Rohloff £150.00
New single rear dropout from £70.00
New front dropout from £40.00
New pair front drop-outs from £60
Repair B/B threads steel frames only £60.00