Prices: General repairs and servicing

Please note we only fit new components bought from us. We are always happy to fit your used components.

Mini service (everything on the bike checked, lubricated and adjusted) £50.00
Full service (everything on the bike checked, lubricated and adjusted, all bearings re-greased) from £130.00
Tyre replacement £5
Inner tube replacement £5
Tubular repair £12.50
Gear service £15.00 - £20.00
Brake service £15.00 (front and rear)
Brake service Cantilevers or BMX giro £20.00
Fit brake pads (per brake) £7.50-£12.50
Fit cable (brake or gear) £8.00 - £14.00
Bottom bracket replacement £15.00
Headset replacement £20.00
Headset service (sealed cartridge) £15
Headset service (loose ball) £20
Fit front or rear mech £12.50 + cable
Bike strip and rebuild £95.00
Bike strip and re-fit full suspension £100.00
Bike assembly £25.00 - £40.00
Wheel build per wheel £35.00 - £40.00
Wheel truing per wheel from £8
Hub service front cup and cone £10.00
Hub service rear cup and cone
(freehub service or replacement £4.00 extra)
Hub service front cartridge bearings £15.00 (plus bearings)
Hub service rear cartridge bearings £15.00 (plus bearings)
Freehub body cartridge bearings £15.00 (plus bearings)
Chain replacement £5.00
Cassette replacement £5.00
Fork replacement £20.00
Suspension fork oil change £25.00 - £40.00 depending on make
Rear suspension service £40.00-£60.00 depending on make
Campag ergo lever service £20 plus kit (£9.00)
Removal and refitting £15.00
STI shifters fitting
(extra charge for internal cable routing)